Albion Online Map Overhaul, The Royal Islands And The Outlands

Following a large number of player feedback, the developers behind Albion Online have decided to create an entirely new map to replace the old one. This new map will be based around two islands, called the Royal Islands, as well as a continent called the Outlands.

The Royal Islands will basically be safe zones for players prefering to focus on crafting, gathering and PvE. And while they can still be attacked and kill in certain zones of the Royal Islands (red zones), most will refrain from doing so since it counts as a crime and there are conscequences.

The Outlands will be the exact opposite, as it name suggests. No rules and no conscequences to the actions of players. This is basically a hardcore continent where only players confident in their skills or ability to escape from an assault will want to explore. This continent is also where guilds will claim territory and fight each other.

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