Sandbox Interactive is shaking things up with its land ownership system in Albion Online.

In a new development diary, the studio explains that it is ditching the old way (which included regular upkeep) for a new auction-based system. All plots will regularly come up for auction, allowing anyone to bid on the lease for the next period. Current tenants have an edge in this, as their bids will count double and they are the only ones allowed to bid on the last day of the auction.

If a plot changes hands, the new owner will inherit all of the buildings and structures while the previous tenant will get a cut of the winning bid as compensation.

“The goal of this new system is to prevent a constant blockade of building plots -– and also to give players joining Albion Online later a fair chance at owning a desirable building space,” Sandbox wrote.

The studio also showed off pictures and an animated GIF of a player-owned island as it is upgraded over time.

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