More accounts means more Albion Online characters

Multiboxing is always a difficult topic and I’ll come right out and say that I have bought two accounts because there was no rule against multiboxing. @Korn if you outlaw multiboxing are you willing to give me a refund on my second account? Are you willing to refund everyone who bought a second account with this intent in mind? With “3” you are saying I’m unable to do what I intended to do, control two accounts at once for my benefit. Whether that benefit is access to more character slots, access to more LP for specialization or access for storage mules and personal islands what do you care how many characters I control at once?

Of all the things you want to be like EVE, this is probably the biggest one you should be striving to be like EVE on. There’s over 50% of the vote in favor of multi-accounting. The other 46% voted “No” clearly ignorant of how realistically unstoppable it is because they live in an ideal world where “No” is realistically an option even though in reality it isn’t. Furthermore, from a simple economic standpoint multiboxing is in fact probably one of the only reasons a niche game like EVE still goes as strong as it does. More accounts means more characters which means more Premium needed to keep them all going which fundamentally means more Gold sales/Gold bought with Silver.

More over by fixing the fame system you will go a lot further discouraging the use of multiple accounts/characters to progress throughout the destiny board. In addition to this, as most of the valuable resources come out of zones like Red territories and Black territories, a person multiboxing gathering is a colossal risk as it is not easy to control and will likely just mean twice the loot for those who Albion Online Silver PvP and clear the areas. There are also systems in game that prevent multi-box PvP such as the anti-focus fire mechanic that would make multi-boxing entirely ineffective for PvP focus fire. Beyond this, there is no advantage to multiboxing as silver/fame is split and ultimately it’s not appealing to multibox split rewards. This means, once again, players will take care of the problems as they crop up in game.

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