Forward with multi-account Albion Onlinerestrictions

This is where properly designed game mechanics solve these issues without even broaching that grey territory. For example naked scouting you put a black screen on death (a great decision) which prevents sitting there dead and seeing what’s going on in red territories. In addition, reward splitting (such as fame) already reduces the amount of fame gained and splits it up between party members which means even if they are multi-accounting they’re doing it slower than those who aren’t. In extreme cases where a person might be controlling 5-10 clients at the same time a properly designed adjustment of fame/silver rewards for those who bring too many players to content (IE: bringing 5-7 to solo content, or 10-20 to 5 man content) would also reduce that as well.

It’s important to realize that there are some issues that simply aren’t fixable without causing greater collateral damage in an effort to try to fix it. This simply is one of them.

I still would like to know as well, should you decide to go forward with multi-account restrictions, will your team be offering refunds to those who purchased multiple accounts now that you are changing the rules regarding them.

This is still pretty slippery territory when you get down to it because what defines a “direct play advantage” can be different to everyone. For example take the husband/wife combo. One of our couples the guy plays a healer and the wife plays cursed staff. If they are dungeoning buy Albion Online Gold together, is that going to be a “direct play advantage” scenario since they are doing content together? If they’re gathering together is that a direct play advantage? What if the husband uses the account to transfer or hold goods for his other account? There will always be an excuse, always be an explanation, and always create a grey territory where it’s impossible to tell.

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