Murderer Debate on Albion Online

This isn’t a solo-oriented game. If you read all of the reviews and anything talking about the game, it states that the game features mass  and Guild vs Guild combat. That doesn’t mean go out in the dangerous world by yourself and then complain that you can’t solo things. This is a multiplayer Albion Online Gold. Make some damn friends . The casual, solo-oriented mindset is what killed and other  that were once great.Such a system only says “please provide a bubble to protect me from everyone else so that I can farm in peace.” Sorry, but that’s not what this game is about.Nothing wrong with guild vs guild… If anything it should go deeper… you should be able to kill warring guild members ANYWHERE. Town. In front of guards. Without any repercussions. Hell, we encourage it. Kill them til they yield or are forced to leave the guild they are a member of because they cannot take a step without losing everything they own.
So, that takes care of the guild argument thing… I think. Probably not but lets move on.
Onto the solo-oriented game argument. Let’s get something clear.glad we got that out of the way. Your version of PvP is still completely valid. Whichever version that might be right now… Now there is just a system that labels you as a murderer, which you are… You don’t gain a debuff. You aren’t limited to the people you group with… You’re just a murderer who can still play the game however you’d like, with the exception that you are banned from large cities. Now, in UO, there was one (or two, I can’t remember) cities that didn’t mind murderers and criminals. It had no guards and you can freely use the auction house, bank, etc there…. But it was also a full loot pvp area and NOBODY was safe.
What ended up happening was a very very cool thing in UO… Because of the system, large groups of people didn’t often roam areas killing everyone because the ROI (return on investment) was very low… This was because that large group would all accumulate a murder for only ONE person’s loot. Kinda sucks. One murder for very little gear…. But if I went out on my own or with a friend…. Found a dude farming… Killed him myself or with my buddy. I get 100% or 50% of the loot. Now that’s a ROI that I like. Worth.

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