Albion Online Magic Arrow

I heard Warbow was gonna get a nerf… Can someone confirm or? Hope not.
Its probably the most balanced weapon in the game. And it fits a specific play-style and role. IMO

1. Very hard to solo people, does little damage. Only way to kill someone is really great kite skills, or you outgear them.
2. Ok in a 5v5, but can do without.
3. I consider it an anti zerg weapon and its needed so people don’t swarm. Also if your by your self or in a very small group (like me most the time) you can make your escape.
4. if they remove the damage from the Stun it will only be useful in zergs.

a possible solution for the stun would be to make the damage divide equally across the amount of targets hit and diminishing returns when the stun gets stacked

What specifically needs a nerf Magic Arrow. Either the stun duration, the stun size or the damage needs to be nearly removed entirely.
The actual bow damage/abilities are the most balanced in the game (mediocre dps with the ability to kite). Magic Arrow is close, it just needs one of those 3 items toned down or removed altogther (Stun duration, stun area, stun damage)

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