Albion Online Map Overhaul, The Royal Islands And The Outlands

Following a large number of player feedback, the developers behind Albion Online have decided to create an entirely new map to replace the old one. This new map will be based around two islands, called the Royal Islands, as well as a continent called the Outlands.

The Royal Islands will basically be safe zones for players prefering to focus on crafting, gathering and PvE. And while they can still be attacked and kill in certain zones of the Royal Islands (red zones), most will refrain from doing so since it counts as a crime and there are conscequences.

The Outlands will be the exact opposite, as it name suggests. No rules and no conscequences to the actions of players. This is basically a hardcore continent where only players confident in their skills or ability to escape from an assault will want to explore. This continent is also where guilds will claim territory and fight each other.

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What to Look Forward To in Albion: 6 Month Timeline

Albion Online is a MMORPG that is still growing. As the developers work hard to expand on the game and bring it to fruition, they are doing a great job at documenting what is going on and what we can look forward to as players. Their winter roadmap – which details a bit of what’s to expect over the next 6 months or so of development – is definitely a great thing. So let’s take a look at some of the upcoming changes coming to the game!


PvP and Guild vs Guild

Abilities are being worked on to expand on them and alter them. The system as it is has shown to be pretty good, but more work is being done to work on refining everything further. AoE spells are being enhanced as part of this, in an effort to help combat zerging (where a skill will actually do additional damage when hitting more targets).

Flagging is going to change from being crime-based (where a player flags when they try to hit someone that may not even want to PvP) to one where players choose on their own to flag. This helps cut down griefing a bit and allows players more control over what they want to do. PvP zones will remain unchanged, other than not allowing friendly players to attack one another.


Mobs are being boosted in numbers and difficulty, in an effort to make the game a bit more challenging in this respect. As part of this, drops are also increasing, to reward players more for their kills. New mob factions are being introduced, as well as new concepts like faction-based rewards. As part of the mob population increase, dungeons will come equipped with more bosses and mini-bosses.

Zerging mobs is going to be hindered by a system of mob scaling. This will increase their power when attacked by too many players at once. This will affect mobs in dungeons as well, making it much more challenging to zerg the PvE content.


“Soft” PvE Death

A big problem that Albion players have in the beginning is that if you die, everything you have drops to the ground. They are working on resolving this by bringing a new death concept to the game, called “soft” deaths. What this means is that some mobs – mostly in PvE areas that are non-hostile – will not actually kill players. Instead, they will take a player down to 0 health, then knock them down. Since the player hasn’t technically died, no gear will be dropped. Durability, however, will be affected as normal. This is a system that is still being evaluated and tested, so it’s hard to tell exactly where these special mobs will be located.


Farming is a new system that will include planting and harvesting plants and raising animals. These animals will also include mounts that players can utilize. Seeds for the farming can be obtained from the open world. The goal of the farming system is to tie it into the game in other ways. For example, food can be produced that will buff characters, as well as things like brewing potions. On top of this, buildings will utilize the food system, and will ultimately replace the silver upkeep costs.


Repairing and Salvaging

Repairing items will no longer require resources. Instead, it will just take silver. This makes it much easier to travel without having to worry about what materials you are carrying in your bag, and decreases the weight of having to keep carrying materials that you otherwise wouldn’t need. And instead of salvaging items costing silver, it will simply return silver to you. So now looting items that aren’t needed is no longer a hassle – it pays off!

Automatic Tool Use in Gathering

A much-needed addition to the game, players will no longer need to equip gathering tools in order to obtain materials. Previously, a gathering tool of some type had to be equipped in order to harvest anything (in which the tool would automatically switch over to the proper one, so long as there was one in your inventory). This is no longer the case, and it will switch to the tools even when a normal weapon is equipped. The only time equipping a tool will be necessary is if you chose to attack enemies with it (which there’s no reason to).

Repairing and Salvaging


There are plans to add abilities to some mounts, and possibly even a method of attacking automatically. This system is still in the works, and the goal is to not make mounts too powerful in chasing down fleeing players, in an effort to help keep open-world PvP balance in check.


Albion Online has a lot of things going for it in the next few months. The game is making some huge strides forward, and there is a lot to look forward to. Watching the game keep growing and expanding has been a wonderful thing, and the team behind the game has done a great job at listening to player feedback and working on implementing things that the players want.

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Albion Online January Update Brutus

The first patch of Albion Online in the new year comes out to be a big one. Having a name Brutus, this patch is to be online at the end of January.


What I think the most progress is the “Repair All” button, which will save the time greatly by one simply click instead of repair equipment one by one. Also Brutus will bring in two new dungeons coping with the Undead theme, the two new bosses Governor and Necromancer. Check for details here.

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If farming is your thing, then Albion Online may be your game. Sandbox Interactive has released a new video highlighting the feature and explaining its integral nature to the game. Even if you have no interest in conquering the world or participating in PvP, you can have a vital role. Robyn Henkys, the lead game designer, said, “The purpose behind farming in Albion is that it drives the economy. Everything in Albion depends on farming.” Everyone will need food, and players will gather at markets to buy and sell seeds, food, and even mounts.


Farms can be built on personal player islands or even in spots around the world. As farmers advance in skills from growing food and/or raising livestock and mounts, they will unlock buildings that will help in their endeavors, like mills, a butcher, and a cook. See it all in the video below.

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Sandbox Interactive is shaking things up with its land ownership system in Albion Online.

In a new development diary, the studio explains that it is ditching the old way (which included regular upkeep) for a new auction-based system. All plots will regularly come up for auction, allowing anyone to bid on the lease for the next period. Current tenants have an edge in this, as their bids will count double and they are the only ones allowed to bid on the last day of the auction.

If a plot changes hands, the new owner will inherit all of the buildings and structures while the previous tenant will get a cut of the winning bid as compensation.

“The goal of this new system is to prevent a constant blockade of building plots -– and also to give players joining Albion Online later a fair chance at owning a desirable building space,” Sandbox wrote.

The studio also showed off pictures and an animated GIF of a player-owned island as it is upgraded over time.

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Albion Online Adds New Farming System

Becoming a hero in Albion Online can really take it out of you. Alongside monsters and wild beasts, which pose a constant threat in the wilderness, other players have got their eyes on your hard-earned weapons and resources – and your life. However, the new farming system is set to offer players a way to relax away from the battlefield, providing a useful and fun alternative to PvP action.

Side effects may include…

Working the land, players have the ability to create various foodstuffs and potions which bring a number of different buffs. Developers Sandbox Interactive are providing new land types and buildings, including pastures for grazing livestock, and farms for working crops, so that players can get the most out of their land.

All natural, organic, delicious!

Farming in Albion Online encompasses both the raising of crops of vegetables and grains as well as the rearing of livestock. Players can grow tomatoes, potatoes, corn or pumpkins by sowing seeds on their farms. When the time is ripe, the yield from the plants can be used as ingredients in various foods and potions, or as fodder for livestock.

To grow from a tiny whelp to a worthy bull, an animal needs to be fed and fattened up. Players can rear goats, chickens and cows, amongst others, and these can then be slaughtered for their tasty meat. Players shouldn’t deliver the final blow too soon, though, as animals will also produce other useful consumables such as eggs and milk throughout their lives. These goods can either be consumed straight away as they are, or mixed and cooked into, for example, a delicious cake.

Buffs for all situations

Potions and tasty dishes are created by processing the yield from animals and plants in one of the new farming buildings. In the mill, players can turn their harvested grain into flour, the butcher will strip animal carcasses for their meat, the alchemist is an expert at brewing powerful potions, and the cook will bake irresistibly tasty treats from the ingredients the player brings them. Whole dishes such as meat pies, cake, carrot soup and mutton kebabs will give the player strength and help them to recover after battle. Alchemists’ potions can help to boost a player’s chances during battles, but have a cooldown period, so use them wisely.

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Albion Online’s final beta phase kicks off today, with a reported $7 million under its belt in crowdfunds. Over the weekend, the team ran an AMA on Reddit to answer player questions. The highlights:

Albion will indeed launch B2P as a single-server, global game. This last leg of beta will be closed and not open; devs say that an open beta would be unfair to backers, that they don’t need free testers (“we have more than enough players”), and that they “believe [B2P] does not work together well with an open beta.” (Players contested this and pointed out open betas in MMOs are used to determine whether the game is worth purchasing.)
Planned improvements down the line include “faction warfare, expeditions, fishing, transportation contracts, improved UI, arena, better PvE content.” The devs wrote, “With our existing feature backlog, we could happily continue improving the game for at least 12 months before we’d run out of ideas.”
Non-instanced housing is in the game, and the devs say they are hoping for more customization options in the future. Player shops are not planned because “the local marketplaces fully fill that role.”


The team working on the game is now around 40 people.
Multiple questions about P2W went unaddressed, but as one Redditor pointed out, SI has already written about P2W at length.
Why mobile? Sandbox wanted to combine its focus on gameplay over graphics with the inexpensive addition of new players through cross-platform play. The new PC UI is meant to patch mobile’s deficiencies on PC.
“Our main inspiration for Albion Online was our frustration with the MMORPG genre and our love for open world, sandbox games with relevant PvP and a fully player driven economy,” say the devs.
Finally, here’s the run-down on PvP and ganking:
“It depends on how “criminal” you are. If you keep your crime somewhat in check, you can still access the red cities on the royal island, and do your crafting and trading there. Once you get nefarious or dreaded, you will need to be based out of the lawless continents. These also have player cities, which you are free to use. Of course, they are far more dangerous. Our goal is two support both playstyles:

the “measured” criminal, who picks his victims carefully to avoid getting thrown out of the red zone cities
the “dreaded” criminal, who tries to cause as much havoc as possible. They will have a super hard time in the royal continents as a result of that – but it’s possible. Expect to be hunted down by anti player killers a lot, though.”

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One should never forget that the struggle between players is at the core of Albion Online. To keep that foremost in thoughts, the studio has released its new website Killboard feature to publicly declare the best of the best in PvP.

The Killboard displays top kills ranging back two months, the results of the fiercest open world battles, guild vs. guild rankings, leaderboards showing off the elite combatants across the entire community, and a search function that allows you to seek out specific players and guilds.


Another function that Albion Online’s Killboard sports is the ability to compare between player groups: “Here you can compare up to five guilds with each other, comparing basic info, overall PvP stats and the top five players per guild based on their PvP Fame.”

So is anyone from the Massively OP community already on the Killboard? Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

Source: Albion Online, Killboard

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A new batch of artifacts is arriving in Albion Online, and it’s hellish. These are literally called the Hell Artifacts, you see, and are forged with the aids of Hell Fragments obtained from Hellgates or melding Artifact fragments (which may be rather hellish itself). As we all know, wielding the horrifying powers of demons will have no long-term negative consequences and is in fact a superb idea, especially when said Hell Artifacts have the array of powers being shown off.

Each Hell Artifact weapon has its own unique ability, from the sword’s charge-and-snare technique to the shrinking power of the mace. Meanwhile, the offhands also boost various abilities, and the armor sets boast new powers to shut down your enemies whilst buffing yourself. You can wield all sorts of demonic powers with the new artifacts, and all it takes is… well, you know, lots of Hell. That’s probably fine.


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